Web Design

There is no shortage of web designers and do-it-yourself sites online. Mountain Communications & Design is different in that we work with professional-level web developers, graphic designers, and content development specialists (writers, photographers) to create a seamless start-up or refresh experience for your small to medium-enterprise business or organization.

If you want out-of-the box, it’s out there. If you want effortless quality, think Mountain Communications.

  • @MountainComs at the Macy’s Day Parade!

    Look for our design featured on Macy’s Day Parade billboards in NYC!

  • It sounds great to me!

    Collaboration is key when developing exceptional content and increased audience engagement.

  • Memorial to a musician

    Custom guitar picks and memorial cards honour the passing of a beloved

  • The wealth management sector gets colourful social media boost

    Design and social media support provided for company focused on financial services.

  • Fun is found with the Travelling Laughter Club

    Website created for a group who knows how to get the fun done!

  • Celebrating in full colour!

    Colourful poster created for family-friendly event

  • Outlink Donor Brochure

    Connecting communities – brochure created for local non-profit organization

  • Unison Festival 2018

    Complete re-branding project developed for national choral festival

  • Chef at your Shoulder

    Comprehensive marketing & branding products created for professional chef

  • Kid Ninjas in Mega Mom Rescue

    Customized comic page written & illustrated – for a special gift!

  • TackleBox App

    Logo and splash screen designed for iPhone app

  • Recipe cards for goddesses

    Recipe cards created for a local baker specializing in tasty treats.       

  • Captivating written content keeps ’em coming

    Writing fresh and creative new content is our “bread and butter”

  • The Willows Way grows stronger

    Site and social media created for innovative holistic health care practitioner

  • Fur friends get a new Companion

    Design and content development for a rack card offering pet- and home-sitting services.     

  • Calgary Men’s Chorus

    We created a poster for a local choir, the Calgary Men’s Chorus,  to promote an upcoming event. 

  • Outlink outreach group logos

    Series of 9 sub-brands / logos developed by Mountain Communications to promote community-based support groups.

  • Starting up?

    We know small businesses. We are one.

  • OVC Posters Project

    Promo posters designed for One Voice Chorus, Season 2016-17

  • Winter Promotion 2016

    Christmas and the holiday season is fast approaching. And with it comes special events, corporate parties, and gift-giving opportunities!

  • Blissful Souls

    Branding and collateral designed for holistic health & wellness practitioner

  • IHC Online

    Brand developed to highlight holistic health therapy and integrative medicine

  • Hardwall Outdoor Living

    A rethink on branding and resulting design created for established local business to enable greater cross-application

  • One Voice Chorus

    Comprehensive marketing and graphic design support provided, and various projects created for community-based non-profit

  • Demo Derby & Dance

    Poster and drink tickets designed by MountainComs for vehicle demolition and live performance event

  • Free Living

    Logo designed by MountainComs for entrepreneur establishing healthy eating and living resources business

  • Final Touch

    Product cover logo created for spray tan company

  • Perfect Fit

    Logo designed for client with a consignment bridal business.

  • Maclennane

    Logo created by MountainComs for a marine services company based in Newfoundland

  • Gladtimes Emporium

    Logo developed for client in the fashion industry. Emphasis for brand was on whimsical, yet natural, offset Art Nouveau approach to mirror the artist’s personal style and product designs.  

  • Health & Development Networks

    Health & Development Networks (HDN) and various partners submitted nine (9) abstracts to the 2008 International AIDS Conference in Mexico City, Mexico, that were accepted as poster presentations.

  • Wage Indicator

    Project management of collaborative international project resulting in a South African web-based survey / data accretion tool, information provision on labour relations and worker rights, as well as grassroots-level capacity building for local stakeholders.